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Computer Consultants of St. Louis Code of Ethics

These are the ethical standards that members of the Computer Consultants of St. Louis (CCSL) uphold as essential not only for members, but for the computer consulting industry as a whole:

  • A CCSL member will put the client's interests first when making professional recommendations or performing work under contract.
  • A CCSL member will disclose the existence of any interest, such as a sales commission, when making recommendations on a client's purchases.
  • A CCSL member will divulge any potential conflicts of interest prior to accepting a contract.
  • A CCSL member will never misrepresent any professional or contractual matters.
  • A CCSL member will only use, install, or resell fully licensed software.
  • A CCSL member will ensure that a project can be completed in a professional manner and timely fashion.
  • A CCSL member will keep the client informed of any matters detrimental to the project even if they reflect unfavorably on the consultant.
  • A CCSL member will safeguard the client's confidential information or documents.